FORTH Tracking Upgrades IT system

FORTH Tracking Upgrades IT system
Source: Editorial Staff

Forth Tracking System focuses on hardware-software development and R&D whilst simplifying product/service formats to match industrial clients’ needs.
Thailand’s leading logistics service provider, Forth Tracking System Co., Ltd., managed to expand its business volume by 50% in the past year alone – thanks to continuous product upgrading and customized solutions that suit specific needs of every target group.
This year the company will target various industrial groups while updating route maps every quarter. Maps for major routes t/from Chiangmai, Cholburi and Rayong will also show more details and product/service formats made more user-friendly.
“Our business philosophy emphasizes excellent service quality – hence all our products are continuously upgraded. Because our in-house software enables quarterly updating, we can confirm the latest data updates. Other service providers using the free web site don’t have updated data, plus they are also disconnected when the free web site shuts down,” said Mr. Chanreong Leongnimitmas, Sales Manager.
Forth Tracking’s 2-way satellite system combines GPS and GPRS functions that record positioning and tracking information into a secure data base, and also links up with control signal device, Sensor and Snap Shot which can transmit images and data to the Control Center every 10-15 seconds, thereby allowing Real time tracking by entering the vehicle registration number or by coded call. Real-time fuel consumption is also recorded.
Thailand’s demand for vehicle tracking services has growth steadily in line with transportation volume and various organizations’ demand for systematic resource management, data collection to confirm vehicle usage behavior, vehicle positioning and Real Time status, instantaneous 2-way communication and alert system.
Depending on the user’s determination to improve and upgrade its organizational system, all the abovementioned information can be a useful tool for analyzing operating costs, tightening operational plans and lead time, and eliminating waste caused by unauthorized vehicle usage or accidents.
Monitor driver’s behavior to cut costs
Considering truck drivers’ tendency to take the wrong routes or drink drive, causing delivery delays or accidents, etc., Forth Tracking’s customers managed to use the tracking system to control vehicle routes, lead time and speed, thereby improving delivery, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
For example, by monitoring real time petrol consumption, cement companies could solve the pilfering problem and achieve substantial cost savings. Our customer list includes various business groups in the private and public sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises. After setting your priorities, potential customers should decide whether the tracking system will be used as a tool to improve business processes. Selection criteria include reliability and reputation of individual service providers, differential product/service features and their expected benefits, maintenance costs as well as GPRS network area.

Customized solutions
“This year we will focus on developing customized solutions for food, public buses, and other target industries. After that, we will upgrade and implement next generation GPS and other new technologies based on the result of feasibility studies. Equipments have also been designed to accommodate 2 ‘sim’ cards for domestic and international transportation networks, but international route maps are still not ready. Despite fierce price competition, Forth Tracking will offer high quality services at reasonable prices,” affirmed said Mr. Chanreong.

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