Enlighten the Genius in Your Child at Mathematics

In spite of the fact that the students of mediocre category in India have been suffering a lot and full of fear at maths. But the situation has been changed in India, Genius Abacus and Genius Vedic Mathematics have been spread all corners of the globe. Now the students are enjoying a lot at maths using the above concepts and defeating computers and calculators. All the children are GENIUS but we ENLIGHTEN the minds of the geniusness. Genius is not “innate ability”-It’s the output of the hardwork

The Government and Private jobs decided through competitive examinations, the youths are left with no other choice than to burn their midnight oil and enhance their numerical aptitude in order to remain alive in the rat race. For all of them the `mantra’ to success has been the speed and accuracy’. Though there are different methods to improvise on it, the time tested successful model is the `Abacus’, the ancient Chinese/Japanese calculating technique and the Indian Vedic Mathematics system.

Many Indian Primary and Secondary School students consider mathematics a very difficult subject. Some students encounter difficulty with basic arithmetical operations. Some students feel it difficult to manipulate symbols and balance equations. In other words, abstract and logical reasoning is their hurdle.

Abacus/Vedic Maths is very useful today. Given the initial training in modern maths in today’s schools, students will be able to comprehend the logic of Abacus and Vedic mathematics after they have reached the high school standard. It will be of interest to every one but more so to younger students keen to make their mark in competitive entrance exams like GRE GMAT, CAT/ MBA, IIT-JEE, EAMCET, APPSC and UPSC and so…on

Abacus’ is not only seen as a mathematical tool but also to improve the power of concentration. The human brain waves during various kinds of brain activities had discovered, abacus and vedic maths have tremendous impacts on the human brain. The method has already caught on in a big way in metropolitan areas in India and abroad too…but to take it to rural areas is the mission of Enlighten Foundation’s Genius Abacus & Vedic Maths Global School – The School of Intelligentsia. Breaking the traditional teaching method for Abacus, The Enlighten Foundation adopts Vedic Mathematics in Abacus system to enhance it’s scope. The Enlighten Foundation is a vibrant, highly credible educational organization committed to provide quality and good education to the teachers and students all over the globe. “Target and time are main components of this method. We move by seconds and keep going faster till the stage when intelligence becomes a habit.” In Enlighten Foundation, we offer a wide range of Abacus and Vedic Maths for learners of different age groups. Individuals who love to teach and wish to make a profitable and fulfilling career in education. Individuals who want to have an honourable livelihood that is mentally, emotionally and socially fulfilling The Learning Mathematics with the Abacus and Vedic Mathematics for High School Students a Series of books (8 + 2 levels) by Enlighten Foundation is an easy and effective system to make every child who uses it brighter and intelligent. This Genius Abacus & Vedic Maths system able to learnt by any student with a little effort. These books can be used in schools, tutorials, study centres, and even at home. These books enhances the learning skills so much that students who go through these books show significant overall development give your child one of the best books “Learning Mathematics with Genius Abacus” and “Vedic Mathematics for High School Students“. This is only the best gift that you can pass on to the new generation.  We welcome you to be our partner in this fast developing educational innovation by joining the Enlighten Foundation Network, to introduce and promote Abacus and Vedic Maths System in India and all over the globe. If you are interested, please contact us to get further information, and your valuable suggestion and comments will be greatly appreciated. For more details… www.geniusvedicmaths.com Mobile : +91 – 9959910111 Email : enlighten_foundation@yahoo.comThank you.Yours in service,RAJI REDDY. KChairman & CEO

Mr. Raji Reddy
(1) Founder of Enlighten Foundation
(2) Chairman & CEO of Genius Abacus & Vedic Maths
(3) Secretary & Correspondent of Gnani Model Public School
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