CEVA outsourcing vehicle transport

CEVA outsourcing vehicle transport
Source: Editorial Staff

Backed by specialized know-how and world class standards, Ceva Vehicle Logistics expects to transport over 200,000 vehicles this year.
In line with Thailand’s aspiration to become the ‘Detroit of Asia’, motor production and export volume have risen sharply each year. Most car manufacturers handle their own logistics arrangement.
Besides a successful track record in outsourcing transport services for car manufacturers worldwide, the new business unit, Ceva Logistics (Thailand) is equipped with superior management system, state-of-the-art technology and world class operational system.
Spinning off from TNT Logistics (Thailand), Ceva Logistics merged with Eagle Logistics (EGL) to provide 3 categories of services, namely, logistics (CL), international freight forwarders (FM), and vehicle transport (VL), capturing sizeable market shares in the automotive industry, technology, retail and consumer goods, healthcare products, printing, airplanes, and energy.
“Ceva’s unique expertise and experience gained from operating in many countries enable us to provide the right solution for each customer. Continuous improvement of technology, operational systems and basic infrastructures also gives us an advantage over car manufacturers who don’t specialize in transportation and don’t want to invest in new IT systems,“ said Winfried Kiesbueye Managing Director, CEVA Logistics (Thailand).
Superior expertise, cheaper and better services
Besides continuous improvement of customer services, CEVA Vehicle Logistics’ global chain has also developed its own online system for monitoring vehicles via the Internet, along with innovative tools such as clasps to secure vehicles that are being transported by trucks, as well as extra-large containers for rail transport, Mark Thornton Section General Manager, CEVA Vehicle (Thailand) Ltd., asserted.
From April 08 to September 08, CEVA Vehicle (Thailand) transported 98,000 vehicles. This year’s total business volume will exceed 200,000 vehicles, said Tanaesorn Nuangjumnong, Section General Manager-Operations.
CEVA Vehicle (Thailand) Ltd has also implemented 4 innovative operational principles, namely, 2-way transportation by trucks which cuts costs and relieves traffic jam, installing and updating IT system from Australia to suit local routes and to enable online cargo monitoring, shifting from petrol to NGV, and organizing a ‘Safe Driving’ curriculum for truck drivers.
At present, in-house trucks numbering 150 can transport 3-7 vehicles per truck/trip, equivalent to total simultaneous transportation of 880 vehicles. Existing parking area can accommodate 20,000 vehicles. The company also has 400 trained and knowledgeable personnel.
Major customer groups are car manufacturers, car rental companies, distributors of new and second-hand passenger cars, finance companies and other customer groups who need to transport cars over long distances.
“As market demand becomes increasingly diversified, we need to innovate and present new forms of services, for example, driving vehicles over long distances. We will focus on providing superior services at lower prices while using new technology to meet customer’s needs,” Mark and Tanaesorn added.
Detroit of Asia – a realistic goal
Winfried Kiesbueye is confident that Thailand will attain the goal of becoming the ‘Detroit of Asia’. Despite various setbacks, the automotive industry as a whole continues to grow briskly, given public sector support and comprehensive basic infrastructures. Ceva is determined to increase investments in areas directly related to the automotive industry. At present, Ceva Logistics already provides 6 categories of Automotive Manufacturing Support (AMS) as follows:
1. Raw material planning and logistics management solutions (LLP)
2. Solutions for delivery to factories (by road/ shipping/air freight)
3. Solutions to support production processes
4. Solutions for assembled vehicles
5. Solutions for storing automotive spare parts, components & accessories
6. Solutions for transporting automotive spare parts, components & accessories

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