“Kannetsu” Relocates to Accommodate 30% Growth Target

“Kannetsu” Relocates to Accommodate 30% Growth Target
Source: Editorial Staff

Projecting quantum growth, the manufacturer of Asia’s top Thermal control system relocates to TPARK Bangna to accommodate expansion, increase productivity and cut costs.
Founded in Osaka since 1978, Kannetsu opened a branch in Thailand in 1996 under the name Kannetsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd., specializing in customized Thermal Control systems for small and large-scale industries, particularly plastic factories which require precise temperature control to optimize molding processes. Kannetsu also designs and installs industrial air conditioning systems and water/electricity pipe systems.
The 30-year old company expanded rapidly, with extensive branch networks in Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. Previously located in Yannawa District (with a Customer Service office on Sathorn Rd.), Kannetsu decided to move the factory and Office to a 3,500sq.m. plot in TPARK Bangna to accommodate business expansion. 6 months after relocation, the management raised the 3-year growth target to 30% in line with 4-5 times increase in physical production capacity.
Perfect location
Apart from suitable location, TPARK Bangna also offers convenient transportation & comprehensive amenities, proximity to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok Port and Laem Chabang. TPARK Bangna also offers warehousing facilities to store goods and assemble components.
“Our new location on Bangna-Trad highway offers easy access to all major transportation routes and nearby industrial estates. Expressways link up to Laem Chabang, the Outer Ring Road, as well as industrial areas in the Northeast and Northern region, including Ayudhaya. The majority of plastic molding customers are Japanese companies. We also have business transactions in Vietnam, Malaysia, India as well as other Southeast Asian countries. 40% of our output is exported to Japan – this explains why proximity to the sea port is a key advantage,” said Yukihiro Kodama.
“TPARK’s superior construction works and service standards as well as close collaboration in adjusting the warehousing area to suit Kannetsu’s needs also figured in our choice of relocation site. Production and assembly of Thermal Control systems is our core business – hence the need to change some structural features such as fans and ventilation system. TPARK’s buildings can be modified to suit customers’ specification requirements, which is a major advantage,” said Management Planning Manager, Preuksa Phusakulsathaporn.
Kannetsu was able to reserve sizeable areas around the building to accommodate future growth. One part of the hidden area within the building will also be used to store equipment for exportation/importation while another area can be used for production. In short, the company was able to build a medium-sized factory in TPARK Bangna.
“TPARK team also helped to coordinate with government offices and provide basic data to facilitate our operations during the initial phase of the relocation, for example, in regard to recruiting new personnel, staff transportation arrangements and various safety measures such as CCTV, fire drills, etc.,” Prueksa added.
Smooth and convenient transition, world class quality standards and outstanding services provided by TPARK were so impressive that Kannetsu highly recommended other Japanese businesses to become TPARK members.

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